What is Golden Vow Skill in Elden Ring?

Golden Vow is one of the Skills in Elden Ring, a new action RPG game from FromSoftware. The Golden Halberd is a weapon that has the Golden Vow Skill, which boosts both your attack and defense powers while you’re fighting.

It’s definitely a valuable skill to have in combat, so make sure you equip the Golden Halberd when you’re heading into battle!

  • Golden View is an Ash of War skill, the name is Ash of War: Golden Vow.
  • FP Cost: 40.
  • It grants you and your nearby allies a 45sec buff to both attack and defense.

How to Get Golden Vow?

  • Obtain the the Golden Halberd.
  • Defeat the Mounted Knight in Limgrave.

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