What is Barbaric Roar in Elden Ring?

Barbaric Roar is an Ash of War in Elden Ring game. This default skill is possessed by many heavy weapons. When activated, the character will emit a loud, intimidating roar that replaces the Heavy Attack routine.

The skill appears as the default one of Butchering Knife, Club, Curved Great Club, Rusted Anchor, Brick Hammer, Spiked Club, and many more.

The Ash of War: Barbaric Roar is a skill that gives the user a significant advantage in battle. The FP cost for this skill is 16, and the effect lasts for 20 seconds. This skill gives the user a 10% increase in attack power, as well as changing the heavy attack into a three-hit combo.

Additionally, the Roar Medallion will further increase heavy attack damage by 15%. This skill works similarly to War Cry, another Ash of War skill; however, the heavy attack routine is different to each other. This skill counts as a weapon buff and overwrites other weapon buffs like Grease. Consequently, this makes Barbaric Roar an essential skill for anyone looking to gain an edge in combat.

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