How to Save Your Game in Far Cry 6

In Ubisoft’s newest open-world FPS series entry, Far Cry 6, players will find themselves in the tropical country of Yara fighting to overthrow the corrupt regime of Anton Castillo. The game is quite lengthy, as expected from a Far Cry game, so players will most likely want to take breaks during their playthrough. This can be easily done by saving your game progress. In this article, we will talk about how saving works in Far Cry 6.

How Saving Works In Far Cry 6

The game doesn’t allow manual saves. To ensure that you don’t lose any progress, the game has an auto-save function. It is done frequently after you finish an event on the map or complete a certain checkpoint throughout a mission.

The game saves your progress for you when traveling between locations or completing side missions, so that if something happens to disrupt this auto-saving feature then there is no need to worry because it has already been saved before anything happened.

When there is an icon of 2 papers appears on the top right corner of the screen, it means the game is saving.

Can I Manual Save The Game?

No, the game’s menus don’t have a manual save option so you’ll need to rely on auto-save in order for your progress not to be lost!

You can activate the auto-save feature by following one of the following actions:

  • Fast traveling
  • Taking over a checkpoint
  • Liberating a base
  • Completing a cockfighting match
  • Finish a side mission
  • Complete a Bandido operation
  • Buy or sell anything at a Vendor

That concludes our guide on how to save in Far Cry 6.

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