Can I Use Steam Deck as a PC Controller?

Steam Deck can be used as a PC controller via Remote Play, making it easy to enjoy your favorite games on a larger screen. 

Lots of people prefer to use a game controller for PC gaming instead of a keyboard and mouse, and there are many different types of controllers available for PC. Gamers who use console controllers like Xbox or PlayStation for gaming on PC often find that they have a competitive advantage over those who use a mouse and keyboard.

Console controllers are designed specifically for gaming, and they offer many features that make them perfect for the fast-paced world of competitive gaming. For one, console controllers have much higher precision than a mouse and keyboard, which means that gamers can make quicker and more accurate movements.

A Steam Deck can be used as a PC controller. But it is not something like a PS or Xbox controller. You must use the Remote Play feature on the Deck to remote a game being played on your PC. Then you can use your Deck as the controller.

This approach works best when for people who sit far away from a PC. But it is not an ideal controller if you want to treat it like a normal gamepad. We hope Valve to update the Deck to make it work as a normal game controller for PC in the near future.

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