Legion Go

How to Change VRAM on Legion Go

Having trouble with games not running smoothly on your Legion Go? The issue could be that the device comes with only 3GB of VRAM. For the more demanding games, this amount of VRAM isn’t quite enough. Interestingly, the Legion Go doesn’t provide an easy way to change this setting through its Legion Space software. To […]

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Legion Go Update 01.05.2024

The Go team all are catching up after some well-deserved breaks, and there’s been progress on several important fronts. The team shares what’s in the works. Next BIOS Update (v29): Next Space Update (Possibly Future Space Updates: Issue Resolutions: Warranty Upgrades: Custom TDP: View previous update here.

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Legion Go Update 12.15.23

Exciting news: the Legion Space v1.0.2.4 update is on the horizon, slated for a mid-December release, possibly within the next week. Despite some setbacks, including weather-related issues and other delays that have impacted the pace of testing and teamwork, the focus remains on delivering a high-quality update. There’s a commitment to thorough testing, prioritizing the

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