Legion Go Update 01.05.2024

The Go team all are catching up after some well-deserved breaks, and there’s been progress on several important fronts. The team shares what’s in the works.

Next BIOS Update (v29):

  • Builds on v28, includes all its features.
  • New Auto VRAM (UMA Buffer) selection.
  • Custom fan table interface optimization, not yet user-accessible.
  • Charge Limiting support (future user access via Legion Space).
  • Several security enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Exciting additions include charge limiting and Auto VRAM settings.

Next Space Update (Possibly

  • Integrates Driver and BIOS updates.
  • New FPS Limiter – choose to toggle or lock framerate.
  • LT/RT Deadzone settings.
  • Custom Fan Curve settings.
  • Options to reset Joystick response and deadzone to default.
  • Turn off power button LED.
  • Set sleep duration for controllers.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Note: Some features might change, but that’s the current plan.

Future Space Updates:

  • Charge limit settings to be added (details still being worked out).
  • Key customization & mapping (a top priority).
  • More LT/RT threshold adjustments.

Issue Resolutions:

  • Tackling SD reader stuttering in some games.
  • Big thanks to GhostFella, a Beta Tester, for solutions.
  • Evaluating a new driver from RealTek.
  • Gathering data to diagnose and hopefully fix the issue.
  • If you have issues with the Genesys SD reader, let me know!

Warranty Upgrades:

  • Available for US & Canada users.
  • Visit the Lenovo Support site, enter your serial number, and choose up to 48 months of Legion Ultimate Support.
  • Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) is still in the works.

Custom TDP:

  • Working with users to fix issues with custom TDP settings in Space.
  • Focusing on understanding and improving this feature.

View previous update here.

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