GPD Win 4 (2024)

The GPD Win 4 (2024) is back with a fresh upgrade. Launched in 2022, the Win 4 has seen continuous improvements. This year’s model boasts a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 8840U processor, 32GB of RAM, and a whopping 2TB of storage. GPD Win 4 (2024) Specs The GPD Win 4 is a compact handheld gaming […]

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AYANEO Flip Specs

Ayaneo’s fresh-out-the-oven release, the Ayaneo Flip, might just remind you of your good ol’ Nintendo DS times. But with a modern twist, of course! AYANEO Flip KB & DS Specs The Flip easily fits in your pocket, striking that sweet balance between portability and functionality. The Flip KB boasts a full keyboard, perfect for those

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GPD Win Max 2 2024

The GPD WIN Max 2 (2024) is an upgrade that bridges the gap between portable gaming and productivity GPD Win Max 2 (2024) Specs Sporting a sleek 10.1-inch screen that almost melts away the bezels, this device promises sharp visuals and an immersive gaming experience. The display isn’t just about looks; it’s packed with features

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GPD WIN Mini 2024

The GPD WIN Mini 2024 is here, packing serious muscle into a surprisingly compact clam design. GPD WIN Mini 2024 Specs With a crisp 7-inch 1080p display that refreshes at a silky-smooth 120Hz, you’re guaranteed an immersive gaming experience that’s both sharp and fluid. Plus, it boasts Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology with FreeSync Premium.

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TECNO Pocket Go

Tecno has just rolled out something pretty cool at MWC 2024 – the Tecno Pocket Go. It is a gaming console that you can hold in your hand, just like an Xbox controller, but it’s running Windows. And here’s the kicker – it pairs up with AR glasses for an immersive gaming experience like no

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Orange Pi Neo Specs

Orange Pi is making a grand entrance into the handheld PC arena with the Orange Pi Neo, a Linux gaming device powered by the Ryzen 7840U and Orange Pi Neo Specs Let’s dive into the specs of the Orange Pi Neo, but in a way that’s easy for everyone to grasp. This isn’t just any

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Launched in China and now available globally via Indiegogo, the ONEXPLAYER X1 serves as both One Netbook’s largest handheld gaming PC and a multifunctional tablet. Its versatility is enhanced with optional accessories like a keyboard. Starting at $859, early backers can expect deliveries from March 2024. ONEXPLAYER X1 Specs The ONEXPLAYER X1 redefines portable gaming

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AYANEO Next Lite Specs

Ayaneo, a company known for its handheld gaming PCs, just introduced its new product, the Next Lite. AYANEO Next Lite Specs The handheld won’t come with an official version of SteamOS. Instead, it will have a modified version called HoloISO. The device’s ability to run the software smoothly seems less likely to happen without Valve’s

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ROG Ally BIOS 336

On January 9th, ROG Ally rolled out their latest update, featuring BIOS 336. This marks the second minor update from ROG Ally, mainly targeting system optimization and bug fixes. This update focuses on enhancing your system’s performance. Here’s what’s new: To get this BIOS version, download it from the official website link.

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Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts! MSI is entering the handheld gaming market, challenging big names like ASUS and Lenovo. Their latest creation, the MSI CLAW, was unexpectedly revealed less than a day after MSI teased it on social media. MSI CLAW Specs Here’s what we know about the CLAW: As for the rest of the

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