Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew Tips for Beginners and Best Crew Members to Revive

What’s the deal with Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew? It’s all about sneaking around and striking when your foes least expect it. But get caught, and the whole enemy army will be hot on your trail.

But don’t sweat it! All you need is some smart preparation and a solid understanding of the game mechanics. With these tips and essential strategies for Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next legendary pirate.

Best Crew Members to Revive First


  • She’s your all-rounder. While Toya might have a slight edge in melee combat, Suleidy isn’t far behind.
  • Her magic trick? Creating bushes outta nowhere! These are great for hiding – both you and the bodies of foes you’ve taken out.
  • If you need to get an enemy’s attention, her distraction is top-tier. Enemies won’t just turn; they’ll walk straight away from you.
  • Bottom line: A super handy pirate to have around!

Toya of Iga

  • Toya’s claim to fame is his killing prowess. He’s fast, precise, and lethal.
  • His spirit sword can be planted for a sure-shot kill. Talk about efficient!
  • He’s got a nifty bird-call distraction that pulls guards towards it. Hide, whistle, then strike!
  • While his extra skills aren’t as flashy as Suleidy’s, his speedy attacks make him a favorite for those sneaky takedowns.

Teresa la Ciega

  • Meet your silent, long-range eliminator. Teresa and her crossbow are a match made in stealth heaven.
  • While her bolt can create a noise, you’re usually sniping from a safe distance.
  • Her distraction? Temporarily narrowing an enemy’s field of vision. Handy for sneaking or a quick kill.
  • But, remember, she gets just one shot. Team support is crucial for her to retrieve that bolt.

Quintin Aalbers

  • Quintin’s the golden boy. Literally. His golden skull lures guards from a distance.
  • No body disposal issues here! Quintin’s treasure chest and fishing pole make vanishing acts a breeze.
  • And if teammates are in danger? Just fish them out to a safe spot.

John Mercury

  • Here’s your ultimate stealth guy. Mercury can stay hidden in the “Below”, making him invisible to guards.
  • Pounce from this hidey-hole for a quick kill. Caution: it’s not so stealthy!
  • His fishy distraction is okay, but it’s his diving ability that truly shines.

Gaelle le Bris

  • All about the drama! Load guards into her cannon and fire away for a laugh.
  • The downside? It’s loud, and guards are just knocked out, not out-out.
  • Firecracker distraction? It’s decent. But her slow pace can be a buzzkill, especially when you’re used to someone zippy like Toya.

Pinkus von Presswald

  • Seems awesome, right? Control a guard’s mind, roam free, and even take out foes!
  • But, there’s a catch. Only standard guards are game, and once you control one, your range is limited.
  • His chat-based distraction? It’s alright, but the timer runs out fast.

8 Tips for Beginners

Master the Art of Viewcones!

Get a handle on how viewcones work – it’s central to gameplay in Shadow Gambit. By night, watch for striped areas: they’re your safe zones as long as you’re crouched. 

When you turn on the viewcone feature, it shows you where the guards are looking. Pretty neat, right?

Now, these cones have two main parts:

  1. A striped area – This is your safe spot, but there’s a catch! You’ve got to be crouching. Stand up, and you’ll be spotted faster than you can say “oops”.
  2. A filled area – Avoid this like the last slice of pizza at a party. Seriously, don’t go there.

Nighttime gameplay is where the viewcones shine. That’s when you’ll see them the most. If you try to use them during the day, good luck. Guards have eagle eyes in the daylight, so maybe just chill in a bush or climb up somewhere high.

Now, if that cone turns yellow, consider it an early warning. You’ve been seen! Time to leg it or prep for a fight. And if that thing goes red?

Brace yourself, because the guards are about to drop in for an uninvited playdate, and it’s probably not gonna end well for you.

Also, beware of shifting light sources – they can be sneaky game-changers. 

Valuable Crew Skills Aren’t Just About Attack

Sure, killer moves are great but don’t underestimate passive skills. Some crew members can sneakily drag bodies while crouched, while others have unique abilities like Afia’s magical blink move.

But, let’s be real, the real MVPs? Distraction skills! They crack open guarded areas and create perfect opportunities for take-downs.

Distractions: A Game-Changer!

In this game, rushing headfirst doesn’t work. Instead, patience and strategy are your best friends. And let me tell you, when that strategy pans out, the satisfaction is a chef’s kiss!

So, how do you make distractions work for you? First up, always have a pirate in your squad that’s ace at causing distractions. Take Afia for example. With a snap, she can hold guards in place. Or get Mr. Mercury on board. He’s got a fish, Sir Reginald, that’s a pro at keeping those guards occupied.

What’s even cooler? Some pirates, like Suleidy, have tricks that not just distract guards but send them walking off. With her “Wander Dust,” guards just start marching away, giving you the perfect chance to make your move.

And here’s a fun twist: some distraction moves can also shift guard positions. Have a pirate with this skill on your team? Game-changer!

Simplify the Guard Setup

The name of the game? Reduce the number of guards, either by stealth or takedowns.

Even if two guards are simply chatting, use skills to separate them and take them down unnoticed. And always remember to keep an eye on the high ground!

Make Full Use of Your Surroundings

Clean up after your sneaky deeds! Hide bodies in bushes, throw them into the water, or use cool skills like Suleidy’s “Cover Seeds”.

And hey, don’t just focus on hiding – look around! Sometimes, the environment can help you out in taking down guards.

Spot Opportunities with Highlighting

Struggling to notice things? Use the highlight feature! It adds an outline around key objects and enemies. This can be super handy in spotting new environmental tactics or missed guards.

And guess what? It’s not a blink-and-you-miss-it thing. Flip it on, and you’ll spot both guards and items with ease. Just tap that button (H key on PC, ) and bam – you get a clear view of where guards are looking and all the clickable stuff around them.

Here’s some cherry-on-top info: you don’t have to hit pause to spot these nifty details. Whether you want it on for a bit or keep it rolling forever, it’s all in your hands. You won’t ever overlook a sneaky trap or a lurking enemy again.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work with Shadow Mode

This is where things get next-level! Shadow Mode lets you plan and coordinate attacks with your crew.

Imagine the freezing time, planning each crew member’s next move, and then watching it unfold perfectly. It’s like being a strategic maestro!

Embrace Mistakes, Learn & Adapt

Remember, it’s all about the journey. Don’t fear making mistakes in Shadow Gambit. Experiment with strategies, try out different character combos and forge your own path.

Hey, if things don’t go as planned and you’re taken down, it’s no biggie. These are undead pirates we’re talking about! If things go south? The Red Marley’s time-bending magic lets you turn back time.

With so many routes to victory, you’re bound to cook up a killer strategy that’s all your own – and trust me, pulling it off will feel epic!

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