List of All Steam Deck Shortcuts

As any seasoned gamer knows, every second counts when you’re in the heat of battle. That’s why the Steam Deck comes equipped with a few different shortcuts that can be accessed with just a button combination presses. 

To open the Steam Deck shortcut list, you can hold the Steam button for several seconds.

List of Steam Deck Shortcuts

Steam + B (long press)Force the game to shutdown
Steam + XShow the on-screen keyboard
Steam + L1Toggle the magnifier tool on/off
Steam + R1Capture screenshot
Steam + L2 (soft pull)Right mouse click
Steam + R2 (soft pull)Left mouse click
Steam + Right joystickJoystick mouse
Steam + Right trackpadAs mouse
Steam + Right trackpad (click)Left mouse click
Steam + Left joystick upIncrease screen brightness
Steam + Left joystick downDecrease screen brightness
Steam + D-pad rightEnter key
Steam + D-pad downTab key
Steam + D-pad leftEscape key

Knowing all the shortcuts, and taking the time to memorize them, can help you cut down on the amount of time you spend fumbling around in the pause menu and can help you get the upper hand in your next gaming session. Give these shortcuts a try to help you get the most out of your Steam experience.

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