Steam Deck

Steam Deck OLED Specs

This handheld gaming PC by Valve is not just a lighter and brighter version of its sibling, but it also boasts a beefier battery and more storage space. However, if you’re expecting a massive leap in performance, hold your horses – it’s pretty much on par with its predecessor. This makes it an ideal pick […]

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How to Enable FSR on Steam Deck

FSR, or FidelityFX Super Resolution, is the secret sauce that can make your gaming experience on the Steam Deck truly exceptional. When you’re playing a game that’s quite demanding, FSR kicks in, scaling up the image quality from lower resolutions while taking it easy on your internal memory. The result? You get to wave goodbye

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Steam Deck Resolution: Native and Docked Mode’s Resolutions

Steam Deck offers an array of resolution choices for both handheld and docked modes. With these options, players can tweak their gameplay according to their preferences. This article demystifies the resolution choices of the Steam Deck, guiding you to a tailor-made gaming adventure. Steam Deck’s Resolution The Steam Deck’s default resolution is 1280×800. This unique

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Steam Deck Alternatives

Valve’s Steam Deck is an impressive piece of engineering and welcome addition to the world of handheld gaming PCs. Unfortunately, it’s currently very difficult to get your hands on one, as preorders are backed up by months. If you’re looking for an alternative, there are several other options worth considering. There are a lot of

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